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Production Anniversary medals should attention

For schools, the celebration has always been a major event. In celebration , the school celebrated addition to hosting a number of different activities, often also produce anniversary medals to commemorate . As a badge with many years experience in the production business, here to talk about the design and production anniversary medals should pay attention to.
1 , the school's logo LOGO is the key factor. Anniversary medals in the design , you can focus on the school's flag logo, badge , etc. expand design .
2 , the school was established and other major events such as the time factor . Since it is a school memorial , anniversary medals, then the associated time and other elements need to be taken into account ( for example, school time, etc. ) .
3 , badge production process requirements. Badge design artwork need to meet the needs of actual production , badge colors, lines and so must take into account this factor, so the badge design process designers need to communicate regularly with a badge . Generally speaking , the common badge design software such as Illustrator and CorelDRAW .
4 , badge design and production time . General Anniversary badge number is relatively large, and the previously recognized emblem design time will be longer , but also need to customize other accessories ( such as boxes, etc. ) , so the timing of the badge making sure to grasp . From design , mold proofing, sample confirmation , badge production plus transportation time, proofing time and duration will add up to more than 20 days .
5 , badge production process. Recommend the use of high-grade copper , using enamel, imitation enamel, paint and other craft . Or require a complex pattern of gradual color , can be printed badge craft . In the surface treatment , can be gold, nickel , or some gold-plated , nickel plated part , so that both the golden anniversary badge , another silver anniversary badges can be made into a set .
6, the anniversary badge on the back design. The back of the design is the most easily overlooked , say you can put the school's website, or made into fine Gyrosigma shape , etc., can as a badge considerably.
In addition, badge accessories also need to be considered. Badges packaging, if costing relatively tight , you can use cardboard boxes ( usually 1 yuan ) , some high-end school medals ( such as enamel badge ) , you can use high-grade wooden box ; backside accessories recommended butterfly clasp or safety pin .
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