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How can we make collections more long-term preservation of commemorative coins

Collection of commemorative coins should be how to save as follows:
    1 . Avoid moisture. Contemporary coins, regardless of China , or foreign, mostly made of metallic materials , moisture is easily corroded , therefore , the collection when stored in a dry place, away from moisture. Sealed card or samples as well as commemorative coins gold coins , except as a last resort , it is best not to open the envelope or sealed box , so into the air .
    2 . Avoid Shoumo . When new coins or cleaned coins , it is best not to hand contact , especially not with wet hands or sweaty hands fumble . Because direct contact with coins by hand , easy to leave fingerprints or sweat . Enjoy playing , you can wear thin gloves or plastic with a soft texture of the forceps to take place .
    3 . Avoid acid . Alkali metal has a strong corrosive effect on metal materials versa coin , the coin will light discoloration , oxidation. Therefore, acid-base coin can not be placed together ; Even rust, forced to use acid, after use should be promptly cleaned .
    4 . Avoid bump. Coins to take place , to prevent mutual friction and bump, especially gold, silver , itself weighing soft, easy to damage , to avoid damage to the product phase coin . Even a small bump marks, do not arbitrarily treated with a blunt object , nor is appropriate scrub toothpaste, ointments , etc. , go with the flow as well.
    5 . Avoid fire . Although metal coins will not vanish after a fire , but the heavy coins will deform light will destroy the color and texture of the coin . Value of its collection will be greatly reduced , the best conditions stored in a cupboard or in the safe .
    6 . Avoid clutter. Various types of coins, currency volumes should be kept orderly and avoid haphazard. New purchase or exchange the coins into the register should be cleared up , safekeeping , to avoid loss ; redundant backup switching varieties is best to use a soft plastic bag storage , both to avoid contact with moist air in contact with people watching or exchange can be prevented from direct contact with the hand .
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