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How to add to good commemorative coins

Today, a lot of coin collectors , but we have to how to choose a good coin it ? Below please Xiaobian together to better understand how to collect commemorative coins :
1 , issue a small amount . Circulation is no absolute standard , but in recent years in terms of varieties of 5000 circulation coins , silver coins 10,000 circulation count smaller circulation .
2 , the theme lasting . Some currency dynamically reflect a theme, but after this dynamic period may be of no appeal.
3 , excellent design and sculpture . While collectors have their own favorite collection on gold and silver coins , but the judge is more similar to the United States . Only the beauty of gold and silver coins consistent with the public is consistent collection requirements.
4 , was prestigious awards . The world is more authoritative awards including gold and silver coins Klaus , Germany coin magazines, director of international awards such as the Mint .
5 , the series of the leading currency.
6 , using a special process . Process is also one of the added value of gold and silver coins , such as thickening process twice as difficult to raise money , the circulation and more scarce.
7 , special materials production. Gold, silver although also precious metals, but survive in the world , or more , and less the amount of palladium survive in the world , our country there is no storage of palladium , palladium coins worth so usually relatively higher . Close to the price of raw materials to purchase the more at ease.
8 , was never "stir ." If a gold coin in history adequate precipitation is naturally consumed without being banker " stir " over its more solid appreciation potential . And some had been " stir " over the coins, the price may have up to 1 yuan, 20,000 yuan , but the price will eventually fall back to several thousand dollars .
9 , close to the purchase price of raw materials . In general, the price of materials such as 1.5 times higher than the purchase price of silver is more secure , the price of gold or platinum best control in the material less than 3 times .
10 , packing and accessories particularly good . Packaging and accessories are also an integral part of the whole collection can enhance the grade of gold and silver coin collections and collection value .
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