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Conventional badge, medal of packaging

Badge making business in some high-end custom badges, medals upscale customers often ask , what do you have to choose the packaging ? Badges box definition is used for packaging boxes badge can be classified by material such as boxes , cartons, fabric boxes, leather boxes, tin, corrugated packaging boxes, etc. ; badge transport packaging can ensure the safety of products , at the same time improve product quality .
Packaging Main material: Netherlands board, gray board , MDF , metal, corrugated and so on.
Product packaging is an important part of the product , it is not only for protection during transport role, and directly related to the overall product quality . The following are commonly used in packaging materials packaging and packaging forms:
Common packaging materials are as follows :
1 , White categories: plain white paper , copy paper, crepe paper ;
2 , bubble paper , Poly wool, sponge or EPE ;
3, Tray categories: white box , brown box, color box .
Boxes are often used within the packaging , generally have the following forms:
1 , box : divided into a corrugated box corrugated box and no ;
2 , ordinary brown corrugated boxes : commonly used for the 3-layer corrugated boxes and 5 layer corrugated boxes , packaging is good , the general use tape sealing ;
3, the white box : can be divided into a corrugated ( 3 or 5 layers ) and non- corrugated white box white box , packaging tape sealing after the general use ;
4 , display boxes : the type more , there are color display box , display box with PVC cover , etc., through the package can visually see the product inside the packaging ;
5, Gift Boxes : Used for high-grade badges, medals and other insignia product packaging, more types .
In a variety of packaging badge , some can be provided free of charge , such as opp bags, bubble bags , but there are some high-end production of badges , medals customers, or customers with special requirements , can be used several other packages, such as velvet bags , flocking box, wooden box with a round currency boxes. Among the most expensive wooden box , also appears the most upscale, are some of the packaging of choice for high-end medals .
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