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Craft paint made ​​up of several methods

      Craft paint made up of several ways : imitation enamel , stamping ( ordinary coin craft ) , the other badge process: Bite Edition ( Etching ) , screen printing, offset printing , 3D stereoscopic badges effects, etc. , baking results, recessed place into paint pigment (PMS Pantone ) , raised place is gold, nickel and other plating effect ( metallic color ) ( Note raised into place is not colored , only metallic color )

     Baking characteristics: badge bright colors, crisp lines , badges materials feel strong , can be copper, zinc alloy or iron as raw material , including iron paint cheap, if your budget is small, choose this most suitable !
Badges paint surface can be transparent protective layer of resin ( Poly ) , commonly known as " Epoxy " ( Note that because of light reflection and reason, on the surface of translucent epoxy badge after translucent ) , but after the addition of resin paint badge on lost concavity it.

    Imitation enamel badge surface is flat, the ( relative paint badge , in fact, imitation enamel surface of the metal lines to feel with your fingers or a little raised , smooth surface is the result of artificial polishing process ) surface lines can be gold, silver and other metallic colors , fills the space between the metal lines creams imitation enamel paint . imitation enamel effect

    Imitation enamel badge production process is similar to enamel ( enamel or cloisonne i.e. true ) , the main difference between the true enamel use different pigment ( pigment particle is true enamel , enamel for the synthesis of a color paste , imitation enamel color paste , the corresponding the prices are also cheaper
Imitation enamel workmanship, badge surface smooth and delicate, giving a very high-end luxury feel. Badge making process is preferred if you do first a badge and beautiful and upscale , select imitation enamel badge .

     Press badge : The material commonly used are copper ( copper, copper, bronze, etc. ) , zinc alloy, aluminum , iron, etc., that can be called metal badge most of them were soft copper , the most suitable for making a badge , the badge copper pressure most clear lines , zinc alloy badge , followed by pressing the corresponding copper badge is the highest price . has inscribed badges made of zinc alloy die-casting process is more appropriate

    Press badge can do a variety of plating surface effects, including gold, nickel, copper, bronze, old silver. Stamping badge recessed part can also be processed into a frosted effect. ( On the right sample is put sand ancient silver and gold-plated badge )
     Printed badges : divided screen printing, offset printing . Generally also called Epoxy badge , badge making such craft , the last step is a badge of surface with a transparent protective resin ( Poly ) to protect the color, use badge material is stainless steel , bronze two kinds of materials right picture shows the back of bronze effect , printing badges plated copper or stainless steel surface is not treated , the use of gray or brushed . default thickness is 0.8mm
   Badges mainly for graphic screen printing simple , fewer colors , sometimes in imitation enamel badge stencil to the surface using a variety of small graphic overlay .
   Lithography badge : For complex patterns , colors more, especially with gradient color , like tourist attractions badges, various color photo badge best used lithography to produce a perfect reproduction of the emblem can scenic views.

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