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How medallions origin? What is the significance?

Modern emblem originated in Europe , about one hundred years ago, a number of arts and crafts workshops in Europe began to slowly become the emblem .
     The Olympic medals in addition to a small part of the identity of the Olympic emblem , the vast majority are the general public can buy, exchange, collection of medals of the Olympic theme . Therefore, a limited edition collection of Olympic medals became international "sport " , millions of people around the world have engaged in professional Olympic medal collection , exchange and trade , and has formed a huge collection of Olympic medals market.
    Decorative medallions are used for decoration chapter shaped souvenirs, including chapter -shaped structure with Keychain keychain factory in Shenzhen , Zhang shaped ornaments , commemorative tile , virtual worlds medals four categories.
     Metal badge is a historical period of political, economic and cultural material witness , reflecting the state of society that period , cultural trends and people's way of thinking . Because of its material is metal , itself reflects its collection a long time , in addition, the contents of medals , art and design levels and different levels of technology , determines its value to the collection . Medals and other collectibles , compared with good material, easy to preserve , concentrated historical stories and other characteristics, their investment prospects, appreciation potential
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